21 oktober 2015

Fall snack marshmallows

My friend and I had a sleepover last weekend and we made some snacks. These marshmallows from the oven were so delicious but also filling. Because we enjoyed it so much I decided to share the recipe with you.
We made way too many, so I recommend using a mug or small baking dish.
The quantities depend on what size cup or baking dish you use.

- chocolate bar
- marshmallows
- cookies
- strawberries

First you break the chocolate bar in pieces and spread them even in the bakingdish. Then add the marshmallows on top. Make sure they are close to each other. Put it in the oven. We putted them in the oven for 8 minutes on 200 degreed celsius. I recommend letting them in a little longer. 
On the picture they don't look melted, but once I stired the marshmallow with a cookie it was soft.
If you use a mug, I recommend making layers. For example chocolate, marshmallow, chocolate and marshmallow.
Now get your cookies and strawberries and enjoy your snack!

Lots of love, Willemijn

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