23 december 2015

Christmas cookies

I am on Christmas break! Which means two things: it's almost Christmas and I don't have school so I can do a lot of fun things. For example I baked cookies the other day. Two food post in a row... oops...
I used a recipe I found online, but I don't remember which site it was, sorry for that. I googled sugar sand cookies, and used the one that came up. I used a cookie cutter, which also had a cute print which made stars and christmas trees. I was able to see the design before they went into the oven, but not really when they came out of the oven!

The cookies tasted delicious! I used brown sugar instead of white sugar so they tasted a little like caramel. I decorated them with icing, and I tried to make a Christmas tree, but that didn't really work out, haha.
I am planning on baking apple cupcakes soon, so maybe I will blog about that too and share my experiences. 

XOXO Willemijn

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  1. Wat leuk zeg met die figuurtjes. Oh en met die topping ziet het er echt heerlijk uit!