25 januari 2016

Summer sun

An afternoon last week. I got home from school and it wasn't warm outside, but it was sunny! Always lovely when it's a bit colder and the sun is shinning, isn't it? I looked outside and saw the lovely colors on the trees. 

23 december 2015

Christmas cookies

I am on Christmas break! Which means two things: it's almost Christmas and I don't have school so I can do a lot of fun things. For example I baked cookies the other day. Two food post in a row... oops...

21 oktober 2015

Fall snack marshmallows

My friend and I had a sleepover last weekend and we made some snacks. These marshmallows from the oven were so delicious but also filling. Because we enjoyed it so much I decided to share the recipe with you.

16 oktober 2015

Essie 'In the lobby' | fall collection

Last weekend I went shopping and I bought this nailpolish by Essie. It's called 'In the lobby' and it's a beautiful dark red shade with a pinkish undertone. It is from their fall collection 2015. 

19 juni 2015

Ariana Grande concert

Ik was een tijdje weg, ja... Maar ik ben er weer en vandaag, precies een week geleden was ik in Antwerpen voor het concert van Ariana Grande. Het was super leuk en ik heb heel erg genoten!!